Hiking the Florida Panhandle


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This web page is dedicated to my favorite hiking spots. I've provided pictures, maps and information for those who would like to visit these locations. All are in the region of the Florida Panhandle where I live.

The Panhandle has a number of great hiking trails. I have not hiked them all, but as I do I will be writing about them here. On the left are links to the ones I have visited so far. Each page includes information on the park or forest where the trail is located, a description of the trail, photos, and a map. I am neither an expert on hiking, nor an expert on Florida, but I hope visitors to the site will be able to find information they can use. If you spot an error, please email me and I will correct it.

Hiking in Florida

Florida does not provide the kind of views that reward those who hike in the mountainous regions of the country, like the Apalachians, the Rockies, and the Pacific Crest. It does have its own beauty, though, for those who are willing to brave its challenges. I have tried to capture some of that in the pictures here on the site.


Three season hiking in Florida refers to Fall, Winter and Spring. Only the most foolhardy hike in the heat of the summer, when snakes, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums are at their peak. In the fall the bugs begin to die back, and snakes become less active. (Note: less active—they will sometimes come out to sun themselves on nice days.)

Winter temperatures in North Florida can drop down into the teens on rare occasions, but a typical day will start out in the low– to mid-thirties, and get up into the mid-sixties by the afternoon. Sunny days with clear blue skies, are gorgeous days for hiking. We also have the cloudy days that start out in the mid-forties and don’t warm up a whole lot. Those are not so great, but they are far superior to the summer days that start out in the high-eighties and climb into the low-hundreds. On wet, cool days, you should take precautions against hypothermia.

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